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A Dual Axis Stepper Motor Driver
Build a dual axis stepper motor drive board and handpad for your equatorial mount. Include
schematics, board artwork, a parts list and a complete description of operation.

An Interactive Ray Tracing Program
Use this simple, interactive program to design and simulate a wide variety of axially
symmetric optical systems from Newtonians to concentric Schmidt Cassegrains to refractor
objectives. Includes a number of example files.

Vacuum Pan Deformation Mathematics
A mathematical treatment of the vacuum deformation method of producing Schmidt corrector plates.
With examples.

Making and Using a Three-ball Spherometer
Make, calibrate and use an accurate three-ball spherometer without the use of machine tools.

A Visual Tour of the Slevogt Camera
Take a look at the Slevogt. under construction.

The Construction of a Slevogt camera.
A first time glass pusher set his sights on a 9.25" f/4.2 Slevogt camera.
This page is under construction.

Interesting Links

A Wright Telescope by Bratislav Curcic
This page describes the construction of a Wright Telescope. Goes into the construction
of a Schmidt corrector plate for the Wright as well as the fabrication of a carbon fiber tube.
Good reading.

Schmidt Corrector Plates by Bob Pfaff
This page describes the construction of a Schmidt Camera and goes into considerable
detail regarding the use of the vacuum pan method for fabricating the corrector plate.
A must read for those contemplating a Schmidt corrector based design.