Porter Garden Telescope

The Garden Telescope

(photos courtesy of Ross Brothers>

			Details : 
				Manufacturer : Jones & Lamson, Springfield, VT
				Designer : Russell W. Porter
				Date :  1923-ish
				Material : Statuary bronze, brass, glass
				Optics : (missing)
					Storage : mahogany box
					Mirror : 6" f/4 paraboloid, silvered & lacquered
					Maker : Wilbur Perry
					Maker : Brashear
						Single eyepiece right angle
						Double eyepiece right angle
					Diagonal maker : Brashear
				Mirror cell : brass, with handle (missing)
				Mirror cover : brass (missing)
				Mirror cover design : lily pad with flower in center (missing)
				Counterweight : lead
				Eyepiece/diagonal : brass, with bolt
				Sighting method : via two pins on back of stalk
				Pier attachment method : via a baseplate (missing)
				Height :
				Weight : approx. 70lbs
				Patents : #1468973
					Applied for : 1922
					Granted :  1923
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Porter Watercolor of Garden Telescope
(still missing from Stellafane)

Still-missing Stellafane watercolor by Porter

Smithsonian Garden Telescope
(on loan to Chabot)

Smithsonian Garden Telescope on loan to Chabot

Springfield Telescope Makers' Garden Telescope

Springfield Telescope Makers' Garden Telescope

Old photograph

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